Peperomia Plant Care Guide

The genus includes more than 1000 types of peperomia plants, but only a hundred of them are grown as ornamental houseplants. If the soil is left dry for too long this can result in your watermelon peperomia getting droopy leaves.

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Peperomias don’t need to be watered very often, only when the top two inches of soil have dried out.


Peperomia plant care guide. Being adaptable to low light and compact in size, peperomia is a great addition to liven up almost any indoor spot. Peperomia plants can be found across the globe, and they originate from the tropical and subtropical parts of the world. The name of the genus comes from the greek words “peppers” and “homois,” which in translation means “pepper” and “i like,” clearly indicating the likeability of.

In fact, you’re far more likely to ‘kill them with kindness’ by overwatering, repotting too often, or overfeeding than you are by neglecting them for a week or two. Their fleshy and thick leaves contribute to the plant’s drought tolerance and vigour. Any regular potting mixture is suitable as long as it fulfills the criteria mentioned previously.

Most peperomia rosso indoor plant owners will need to fertilize their plant to get the plant to its maximum growth, i.e., 8 inches high and wide. How often do peperomias need to be watered? The best temperature for this plant is around 85 degrees.

Remember the peperomia plant is drought tolerant, hence. Peperomia pals can also grow under fluorescent lights, making them a great choice to perk up your sad cubicle. Teddy bear vine care & growing guide.

Peperomia plants are succulent plants and it is common for succulent plants not to require frequent watering to thrive. They can survive hot heat if they’re not in direct sunlight, but they should be kept below 80f. Cut back to the bare minimum in winters.

Instead, feed the plant once per month in spring and summer with a diluted houseplant fertilizer. And always make sure to let your plant’s soil dry out between watering. Peperomia is flexible and forgiving with light as long as you don’t have it in an extremely dark or extremely bright area.

This small vining plant would be perfect for a shelf, hanging basket or desktop and will sure be a conversation piece in any space. This depends on the weather conditions, age of the plant, and soil type. The following recipe has worked great for almost all my peperomia plants.

Feel free to cut them off to encourage more foliage development. Repot the plant using porous and adequately drained soil. During the summer months, you will need to water your plant more often and cut.

It is best to allow the topsoil to get dried in between watering. As tropical plants, peperomia plants prefer a warm and steamy environment, especially in the summer months when their growth is most active. Leach the soil once a season to flush out salt build up.

9 might work if it is kept warm. Peperomia magnoliifolia plant care guide. Because of the peperomia’s slow rate of growth, it does not need to be repotted every year.

Peperomia do flower, but the blooms are small. The hardiness zones that this plant can thrive the most in is 10 through 12. Rotate your peperomia to 45 or 90 degrees after few days to make sure that the plant is getting light on all sides and not growing leggy.

Is peperomia a good indoor plant? Nevertheless, the rules of peperomia care don’t vary that much between cultivars. Always make sure the soil is damp before applying any plant food.

If the temperature drops below 50 f degrees, the leaves of the peperomia will fall off. If your plant is young the optimal watering is about twice a week in summers. Huge temperature fluctuations are not good for these plants.

Central america is one of the key areas in which many types of peperomia plants are native. Cut back gradually post 6 months to about once a week. Arrowhead plant care & growing guide.

The soil has to be excellent draining for optimal peperomia dolabriformis care. Keep them out of drafts from windows, heating vents or air conditioners. Peperomia serpens is a plant from the genus of the same name in the family piperaceae.

Overwatering and underwatering have a similar effect on your peperomia plant. Keep the saucers free of excess water to promote drainage. Since it does not like a lot of water, many of the potted peperomia plants will turn yellow because of waterlogged soil.

Peperomia plants boast various interesting shapes, textures and colours. In modern times, peperomia plants tend to be grown for their beautiful foliage rather than their flowers. Peperomia rosso blooms in the spring and summer;

Make sure you keep the potting soil moist in growing seasons.

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