How To Take Care Of A Baby Chinchilla

You will either have to make sure that you have another mother chinchilla to feed the kit, or you will have to syringe feed goat milk to the baby a few times every day. Chinchillas are naturally shy and do not like being touched unless they have been accustomed to being held and petted as babies.

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Young chinchillas should have very simple diets.


How to take care of a baby chinchilla. Overheating for chinchilla can be fatal. Each chinchilla is different, so this can occur a week before she delivers, a few days before she delivers, or on the day of delivery. The levels of care is explained in.

If you intend to adopt a chinchilla baby, you’ll need to take extra precaution. Keep baby chinchillas in a secure cage that is large enough to accommodate both. Do chinchillas have periods and how it actually works.

Heat baby chinchillas must be kept warm. Access to their mother's milk is an important part of baby chinchillas' healthy growth. In 2 to 3 weeks, you can begin offering orphaned baby chinchillas chinchilla pellets.

Place chinchilla mom and baby in a cage with a solid floor and wire gaps of less than 1/2in. A chinchilla’s vagina opens before the chinchilla gives birth. Commercially available dust inside a dust bathhouse provides an excellent bathing area for chinchillas.

The temperature in the room should not be more than 30 degrees celsius, and the air should circulate freely. Get a wire cage that is at least 4 × 4 × 3 ft (1.22 × 1.22 × 0.91 m). Blue beauty dust is a great option.

Chinchillas don't need to be taken out for exercise, as long as you keep a wheel in their cage. Chinchillas do not sweat, so their cells should be in a cool room. All chinchillas have sensitive digestive systems, but a baby's will be particularly delicate.

The other concern is its teeth. How to care for a chinchilla’s teeth & hair a chinchilla’s teeth can quickly become a hassle unless you are taking care of them from day one. How do you care for baby chinchillas?

Chinchilla’s are very clean and require a dust bath a few times a week (depending on the humidity in the area). Shelving secured to the sides of cages is very important for chinchillas to jump onto and rest on. Sometimes this is needed if the female does not produce enough milk, if the female rejects the kits, or if your female dies.

How to take care of a pregnant chinchilla. Baby chinchilla care should therefore include a reasonable amount of gentle and regular interaction. That’s one reason that we emphasize getting a larger cage.

Again, if the mom is present you can use the mother for nutrition for a longer period and that’s the healthiest approach to take to ensure your baby chinchillas grow up healthy and strong. While most females will take care of their kits on their own, you should be prepared to hand feed if necessary. They need rest and to relax before you start to handle them.

Its size is deceptive with all that fur. If you do not know your chinchilla’s due date, it is best to remove the chinchilla from her partner once you see she has opened. Chinchillas are shy animals, but when they are happy, they become very active.

The temperature in the room should not be more than 30 degrees celsius, and the air should circulate freely. It is important to learn how to. Messy is a another story.

Timothy hay and a good quality pellet are all they really need. If the chinchilla is flabby and the veins in her ears swollen, move the cage to a cool place. This can result in inbreeding and more baby chinchillas.

A chinchilla’s teeth grow rather fast and need to be constantly sanded down using both hay and chew toys. Once the labor is finished and all kits have made it into the world, leave the mama and babies alone. A wire cage allows for plenty of air circulation so your chinchilla will stay cool.

By simply keeping hay available you decrease the risk of teeth issues greatly. You can let your chinchilla outside of its cage to play — with two caveats. Chinchillas are great mothers and can take care of her kits with ease.

But to be on the safe side, there are a few things you should do to help give the mother and babies the best success. Separate at 12 weeks and pair up with same. Exercise is vital for chinchillas.

Remove the father and any jumping platforms from the cage before they are born.

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