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Alocasia reginula alocasia black velvet is as exotic as it is dramatic. A subreddit dedicated to discussion, care, and progress of alocasia plants.

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High humidity, room temperature, and regular reporting are some of the other things to care for.


Alocasia black velvet care reddit. The alocasia ‘black velvet’ (alocasia reginula) is a popular miniature jewel alocasia with characteristic dark foliage and a compact growth habit.named for both its regal appearance and black velvety leaves, which are contrasted beautifully by the piercing white venation. In spring and summer, it grows fast, but in winter, it enters a state called dormancy, where the plant is alive, but it won’t grow at all. This tropical plant requires a temperature range that approaches 70 degrees fahrenheit, approaching 80 degrees fahrenheit in summer.

Alocasia ‘black velvet’ was named a plant variety, or cultivar, by scott hyndman, who obtained it from the lyon arboretum in hawaii. By the end of this article, you’ll be ready to add this charming plant to your collection, too. This article will show you everything you need to know about alocasia black velvet care, to keep yours happy.

Truly, a real dark gem of a plant. Luckily, this plant’s distinctive foliage makes its maintenance well worth the effort. Most houseplant owners will find it moderate to difficult to grow at home compared to other plants.

Alocasias are not particularly well suited to coping with too much or too little water. To make things easy on you, i’ve put together a quick care guide to walk you through the most important aspects about growing the alocasia black velvet indoors. The same as alocasia black velvet.

This makes it a prime candidate for indoor gardening or even a terrarium, as the humidity in such a place is more easily regulated. A suitable range for air humidity is between 60 and 75 percent. Alocasia black velvet care reddit.

As delicate as they might appear, alocasia black velvet is actually quite easy to care for. Alocasia black velvet is a stunning indoor plant. The black velvet alocasia’s ancestors appeared 24 million years ago in borneo, the largest island in asia and home to one of the oldest rainforests in the world.

Proper alocasia black velvet care includes choosing the appropriately humid location for this tropical plant. A subreddit dedicated to discussion, care, and progress of alocasia plants. This is a small alocasia susceptible to root rot.

Additionally, read my guides to caring for alocasia amazonica, alocasia zebrina, and alocasia frydek, which provide specific, as well as general tips, to keep your alocasias in great condition. But, we’ll also give you the care tips just in case. Despite the name, it is actually a little rough to the touch, but it also happens to be quite easy on the eyes.

This rare beauty is a work of art. Alocasia black velvet plants have bold heart shaped velvety textured leaves. As much as we want to have a healthy plant, pests are really there to pester it.

0 votes and 0 comments so far on reddit The dark leaf color contrasts sharply with the dramatic white viens and purple leaf underside. They just have some specific needs to consider.

The unforgettable black velvet alocasia (alocasia reginula), or little queen, is exotic and elegant, with silver veins that shine against the broad leaf’s dark, velvety background.the plant isn’t demanding so much as it is particular. African mask, elephant ears botanical name: The black velvet alocasia can be particular about its care needs.

This unique trait makes the plant look gorgeous and makes it stand out. Its elegant appearance adds a touch of magic to any home, but because of its unusual color, it works particularly well for plant parents who are looking to add warmth to the room. Alocasia black velvet plants can be put on the floor or the table pots.

However, if given appropriate care, these posters are rare. This leaf has been slowly dying for about a month. Alocasia reginula alocasia black velvet is as exotic as it is dramatic.

Pat garden is a community about houseplants, edible gardens, herbs, fruits, and trees. This is due to the remarkably consistent. Pay particular attention to the watering needs of this plant.

Alocasia black velvet diseases & pests. Alocasia macrorrhizos alocasia houseplants are known for their distinctive and stunning foliage. A complete step by step guide to alocasia black velvet care for beginners.

View discussions in 2 other communities. This article will show you everything you need to know about alocasia black velvet care, to keep yours happy. African mask, elephant ears botanical name:

Size & growth because the alocasia black velvet doesn’t get taller than 20 inches, you can think of it as a mini version of its much taller cousins.

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