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Jaguar xj220 (1992) andrew harker/shutterstock.com we mentioned how the mclaren f1 took the title of the fastest production. German cars of the ’80s and ’90s have gone from being unloved and badly modded to very, very big business faster than you can say vorsprung durch technik (progress.

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While it was never a “premium car,” mustang fox bodys can still be seen as shockingly cheap today:


90s sports cars cheap. Which great looking sports cars from the 90s or early 2000s has time forgot and can be had for a bargain price now? The svt cobra was one of the most badass cars you could buy in the '90s. Meet the most underappreciated ferrari of the moment.

Luckily, prices remain low, meaning you can get one like this for less than the price of. At the top end there were crazy homologation specials and cars like the mclaren f1. The honda nsx and porsche 911s of the.

The definitive cheap '90s sports car, the mazda miata nb was released in 1998 and continued the excellent reputation that the miata badge was known for. But aside from its (relatively) low price, the 436bhp, 186mph, prancing horse’s biggest asset is its usability. Honda built it from 1983 to 1991.

The 1990s are also the decade that japanese car manufacturers decided to build sports cars for everyday drivers and bring an entirely new generation into the world of performance cars. Childhood car fantasies come true: Find sports cars of the 90s at the best price.

That includes not at all if you'd rather just maintain it and enjoy it. › cheap 90s sports cars. The f50 is a stunningly beautiful car that is one of the marvels of the 90s and a model ferrari should be very proud of.

Filed with technology and with respectable performance, this gem is still affordable. Even in the ’90s, this awesome sports car was on the more affordable side. There are 22 listings for sports cars of the 90s, from $3,000 with average price of $26,292

If you were a young adult in the 1990s, you might have found yourself eyeing some of the dream cars available during that decade. They're stupid cheap, tons of fun, and totally capable as a sports car. One of the most interesting compact affordable cars is the legendary honda crx.

The 996 began in the '90s, but (like the e39 m5) moved into the 2000's later on. Brand new, a mitsubishi gto would only cost around $20,000, or around $40,000 in today’s monetary terms. They based the crx on the civic, but with a lower, sportier body and only two seats.

Below the hood, the car featured a 3,498cc dohc v6 engine with. Cheap to run, fun looking, and a hoot to drive at any speed, it was an excellent little sports car and plenty of. The gt was produced between 1990 and 1996 but wasn’t known as.

The miata is perhaps the easy favorite here. A warning for new readers. Right on the heels of the 454 ss, the syclone fit right alongside the drag racing chevy.

Since it was light, nimble, and had precise steering, the crx was a. Looking at the graph above, we can see that values for ’90s cars weren’t always so varied. In any guise, the corvette exemplifies ’80s sports car style.

The one that caught my attention recently was the mitsubishi 3000gt which seems. Our special list posts are very detailed and thorough, we prefer having a list of all the awesome 90s cars over some bullshit short top 5 list that gets more clicks. The best (and most affordable) sports cars of the '90s.

With great design and specs that were closer to the porsche 911, this was one of the best coupes of the early '90s. Probably one of its finest sports cars ever is the 1993 jaguar xj220. These harken back to those days of a larger engine bay and allow you to tinker on them all you want.

The 1990s were a great era for sports car enthusiasts at all levels. A “vintage” dodge viper or a porsche 911 is within your reach. Jaguar did not make a lot of noise in the ’90s, but when it did… it was a roar!

Just five years ago, the spread between these favorites from ’95 was just $15,000, with the mazda miata on bottom and the bmw e36 m3 on top.

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